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Canon Printer Offline

Canon Printer Offline is one of the most common issues that hinder the productivity of these innovative Printers. This problem occurs when your Printer fails to receive command from your system over the Internet. In other words, the communication between your Canon Printer and Computer fails. This leads to problems in performing basic printing functions.  To put it differently, your Printer does not execute the “Print” command issued by your Computer. Instead, your system shows a Canon “Printer Offline” message on the Printer’s Menu section.

Causes Of Canon Printer Offline

Given below are the causes of Canon printer offline which we need to face due to some issues.

Canon Printer Offline
Jammed Paper

Apart from connectivity, Jammed Paper is another reason behind failure of your Printer with the Canon Printer Offline message.

  1. Issues with Paper fed in the Printer’s Paper Tray. For example, folded or frayed paper, overloaded tray, misaligned sheets etc. 
  2. Damaged Rollers.
  3. Using low-quality Paper or something which differs from the specified Paper Type.
  4. Low-quality or Faulty Cartridges.
Canon Printer Offline

Problems with the connection of your Internet Network is one of the primary reasons responsible for this frustrating Canon Printer Offline issue. 

  1. Inconsistent Connection with low signal strength and response time.
  2. Printer and Computer hooked to different Networks.
  3. Computer and Printer connected with loose or damaged USB Cable.
  4. Loose, or Damaged Ethernet Cable.
  5. Network Access Hub or Router is turned off.
Canon Printer Support
Hardware Issues

Any kind of dysfunctional, faulty or obsolete hardware including printer, computer, switches, connecting cables, router, modem etc. will lead to this problem.

Canon Printer Support

State-of-the-art Canon Printer comes with the capacity to execute multiple Print commands. Usually, these commands are listed in a Queue and executed accordingly. At times, this beneficial feature becomes the cause of concern for users. In case, this process becomes unresponsive due to any technical glitch. Then, stagnant Print Jobs results in Canon Printer Offline issue. 

Get Rid Of Canon Printer Offline Issue

  1. Change Hardware that is Faulty/ Dysfunctional/ Obsolete.
  2. Fix your USB Connection.
  3. Reboot Your Computer, Printer, Router, Modem etc.
  4. Resolve Paper Jamming.
  5. Set Canon As Your Default Printer.
  6. Change Settings Of Your Printer.
  7. Restart Print Spooler Service.
  8. Modify Properties Of Your Printer. 
  9. Reinstall Drivers
  10. Update OS Of Your Computer.
  11. Disable VPN Connection

How To Set Canon As Your Default Printer?

  1. Open the “Control Panel” of your computer.
  2. Tab “Hardware and Sound” > “Devices and Printer”.
  3. Right-click on the Canon Printer icon.
  4. Choose “Select As Default Printer” on the following menu box. 

How To Set Your Canon Printer Online?

  1. Open the “Control Panel” of your computer.
  2. Tab “Hardware and Sound” > “Devices and Printer”.
  3. Right-click on the Canon Printer icon.
  4. On the following Menu Box, choose the “See What’s Printing” option and go to Print Queue window.
  5. Identify any listed Print Job that is unfinished.
  6. Right-click on such a Print Job. Then, select “Remove”. 
  7. From the Print Queue window, choose “Printer” to access its Menu Box.
  8. Locate “Use Printer Offline”. Then, deselect the same.
  9. In case it is already deselected. Then, select it once and wait for a few seconds. Thereafter, deselect it again.

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Canon Printer Offline


Canon Printer Offline


Canon Printer Offline


Canon Printer Offline

How To Restart Print Spooler Service?

  1. Open your system’s “Run” window by pressing the “Windows + R” keys simultaneously.
  2. Enter “services.msc” and hit the “Enter” key. Else, click “OK”.
  3. On the Services window, locate Print Spooler service. 
  4. Right-click on it.
  5. From the extended Menu Box, opt for “Restart”.   
  1. Open the “Control Panel” of your computer.
  2. Tab “Hardware and Sound” > “Devices and Printer”.
  3. Right-click on the Canon Printer icon.
  4. Select “Printer Properties”.
  5. Click on “Ports”.
  6. From the following list, choose the IP Address of your Printer.
  7. Click on “Configure Port”.
  8. Deselect “SNMP Status Enabled”.
  9. Click “OK”.
  1. Open the “Control Panel” of your computer.
  2. Tab “Hardware and Sound” > “Devices and Printer”.
  3. Right-click on the Canon Printer icon.
  4. Click on “Remove Device”.
  5. Click “Yes” when prompted to uninstall the existing Drivers from your Computer.
  6. Open a new Browser window.
  7. Go to “”.
  8. Locate the relevant Canon Printer Drivers as per your Printer’s Model Number.
  9. Download the same properly.
  10. Access the downloaded file and Install Drivers on your system. For this, you must follow the on-screen prompts in its user-friendly Installer.  
  11. At last, Restart your Computer.