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Canon has been serving worldwide users with its avant-garde imaging and optical technology solutions. For instance, cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, scanners, computer printers, and a lot more. Among all this, its Printing technology deserves a special mention. In fact, its Printers and multi-function units are rated as some of the most innovative and sophisticated devices by industry experts. Just like other technically advanced devices, Canon Printers also requires proper deployment for optimum usage. Apart from that, users may also need guidance with other aspects of these devices like functions, features etc. As such, “” offers dedicated and holistic support for Canon Printer Users.

Canon Printer Setup at “”

With “”, Canon Printer Setup becomes a stress-free and quick process.  

  1. In the very first place, launch a commonly used “Web Browser” on your “Computer”. For example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome etc. 
  2. Now, access the Address Bar of your “Browser” by clicking on the long text bar at the very top of this window. Thereafter, type in “” correctly. Then, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. 
  3. As a result, it will lead you to the website for setting up your Canon Printer. 
  4. On the Homepage of “”, look at the left-hand panel for the “Setup” link. Here, you will get some tabs, namely, Setup, Read Online Manual, See Recommended Functions, and Frequently Asked Questions. As such, click on the click on “Setup (Start Here)” button. 
  5. The following window gives you the opportunity to access the Setup window for your specific Printer Model. In other words, it requires you to identify the Model Number of your Canon Printer. For this, you have two options. You can either enter the Model Number in the given “Search Bar”. Then, click “GO” and locate your Printer. Else, navigate the given list and select the initials of your Printer’s Model Name. Thereafter, select your Printer’s Model Number. 
  6. However, in case if are not aware of your Printer’s Model Number. Then, look for the same on your Printer’s Invoice. Alternatively, seek help from “”. For this, look beneath the “Search Bar” for the “Where to find your product name” link. Then, click on it and closely follow on-screen instructions.
  7. As you identify your Product Name, your Printer’s Setup webpage will appear on your screen to guide you further. 
  8. This window presents the step-by-step instructions for your Printer Setup at “”. Hence, closely follow the same for a smooth and hasslefree Setup. 
  9. Now, begin the process by clicking on the “Start” button on the following window.
  10. Next, you must perform the given steps for “Preparing the Printer”. Here, you can even click on the “Detailed Video” tab for accessing its Video tutorial.
  11. Thereafter, go to the next stage of “Connecting to a Computer”. Before proceeding for the steps given on this window, you must look at the bottom left-hand corner. Here, you must click on the drop-down box and select the OS of your device. For instance, Window, Mac etc. 
  12. On this window, you will notice a highlighted “Download” button. Hence, click on it and begin the process of downloading your Printer’s Driver Software. Then, wait for the download to complete properly.
  13. After that, “” suggests you to proceed with Driver Installation. For this, double-click the downloaded file. Then, click “Run” on the following pop-up box.  
  14. Subsequently, complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions.
  15. Along with that, “” can help you with the Setup process on your Smartphone or Windows 10 device. For this, click on the respective links located at the bottom right-hand corner of this window. 
  16. In this way, if you follow the given step-by-step instructions at “”. Then, you can easily set up your Canon Printer without any trouble.